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My name is Mitchel b. and I am a Full-Stack Web Developer specializing in WordPress Development!
I'm sure you're more interested in my work below, but you can always read about me, or feel free to contact me.

About Mitchel b.

Mitchel b.

Personal Life:

I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan, loving father and husband, washed-up photographer, free-time graphic designer, published author, and independent full-stack web developer.

Work Life:

I have a strong passion for web-development and I love to create amazing websites focusing on the power of clean composition. Staying up do date with the ever-changing design and marketing world is a full-time, but necessary job.

The method to my madness?


First, we strategize. You and I will determine goals and expectations for your new website. Our planning will ensure a mutual understanding and deadline for this project.

Off-Site Design

Plenty of coffee, tons of doodles, a few prototypes and a final design choice. That is how I manage off-site design. The goal is attractive design matched with ease of use.


And the fun begins! This is where the off-site design comes to life. I use the latest in HTML and CSS techniques along with jQuery to make your website really stand out.


The grand finale. Everything has been tested and is error free. Various techniques have been used for Google to find your website and it is ready for launch.

Development Skills:

Front-End Development:
Back-End Development:
Star Wars Knowledge:

Notable Web-Development Achievements:

Generated Online Revenue
Web-Dev Projects Completed
WP Themes Developed
WP Plugins Developed

Contact Mitchel b.

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Designs That Wow!

As well as being proficient in web design, I'm also a dynamic graphic designer with a passion for creating innovative, eye-catching designs.

My Method?

It all starts with a strategy. Next, I move on to off-site design and implementation. Enhance your SEO, test, fix bugs, validate and go live.

Why Choose Me?

Dedication, attention to detail, on-time deadlines, search engine traffic and stunning designs are just a few reasons why my clients love me.

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